What a GREAT day we had today at Swedens biggest show-HUND-12!!!
(ower 7000 dogs entered)

Prazky Krysariks- HUGO Best Junior male, Best male & BOB (out of 30 PK´s) at his first show!!! In other words he became Swedish Junior winner -12 & Swedish Winner-12!

ROCKY Best Champion male & 2:nd best male!

SAPHIRA 2:nd best Junior bitch.

ACD´s-  NIXON Best Junior male, Best male & BOB!! Also he got the new titles Swedish Junior Winner-12 & Swedish Winner-12!

MANIA was best bitch & BOS! And got the new title Swedish Winner-12!

Thank You to all my puppy buyers & friends that helped and cheered us on! ♥

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Nixon got great results today in Norway at the Norwegian Winner show!! EXC, CQ, 2:nd best male, CAC and
This was his debut in juniorclass and his first offical show.
Congratulations to owner Gabriella Andersson!

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Saturday - 3/11 and we had a ruff day ahead. Me with 2 ACD´s & 1 Kelpie, Maria with 3 Cirneco Del Etna´s & Britzyk with her Cirneco & Miniature Pincher and all breeds where first or almost first out in their ring...

I had the Kelpie "Gizmo" - Aussie Actions Opal first and things went quaite well! He became best male and then BOS with CAC, CACIB & got the title Danish Winner- 12!

At the same time the ACD´s had started in their ring and Maria was helping me out. Unfortuatly "Junior" - Working Mates Another Dewil missed his chanse to become Danish winner...
"Mania" -  Girra Ween Kazari Toyo Ken got VG because the judge didn´t like her head?!?! I could have given her a lot of arguments not to like Mania but her head is her best quality! Well well...

Sunday 4/11 and we had better luck with the ring placements today!
Gizmo was first out, but was only placed as 3:rd best male today.....

Instead we had great succes with the ACD´s!!!
Junior became BOB and Mania became BOS! Both got their CAC, CACIB & Nordic Winner 2012! So happy and proud of my beautiful dogs!

Congratulations to all our friends that did well this weekend at Herning!
Sweden did very well in the group & BIS finals!

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Tank you all for coming and hope to see you again next year!
 Pictures and more in the kennel activities! NEW!

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Congrats to Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian" & owner Hanne Tuulos that lives in Finland that competed in Rally obedience for the first time and gained 93/100 points and came at 2:nd place out of 34 dogs!

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Junior- Working Mates Another Dewil was today showed at Sundsvall INT. He gained his 5:th CAC, his first CACIB and also became BOB! He just turned 15 months. Congratulations to owner Christina Näslund!

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Today Junior passed the admission test for patrol dogs. He took the wind and sound figurants like clockwork. Not gun shot shy. Quiet in the base and passed the handling and nosework test splendidly. Hopefully he will be a patrol dog next summer!
Great work Kicki!!

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Today Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" debuted in starters class in tracking (apellen) - 14 months of age. He did really well! 9.9 /10 on the tracking and passed!

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Today we got Working Mates Action My Attraction-Storma's
X-ray results and they couldn't be better!
A/A Hips & 0/0 Elbows!

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Today I left for Tierp to compete in Agility (jump class) with Sydney & Rocky. Met up with my friend Annakarin because I had to work later that afternoon so she took over. Rocky got an fault in slalom both runs, have to practise! But he had the fastest time!
Sydney got an "leg" in the first round and in the other she crashed in to the first barrier. Still, so proud!  :)

Thank you Annakarin!!!

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Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian" got her 2:nd CAC in Raisio- Finland today! 

Judge: Anatoli Zhuk,  
Critic: Excellent type and excellent proportions. Correct expression. A little bit straight upper arm. Movement balanced and light enough. Front could be a bit more parallel. Correct balanced temperament.

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Mania and Queenie didn't quite get along when they were in heat, therefore I took the decision to rehome Queenie. She now lives with Linnéa in Skåne- Sweden. It was so hard to see her go but I know she will have a great life and that we will meet again. I still have the breeding rights on Queenie so she will be on the kennel page, where you will be able to follow her adventures.
The picture is taken just a few days before she left.

Forever in my heart.

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This weekend I left for Karlshamn (7 ½ hours drive) to judge freestyle & HtM. Before that I competed with Sydney & Queenie in Rally obedince- beginners class. Both Sydney & Queenie did great I on the other hand missed some of the signs... Sydney got 89 points and got her title RLD N (rally obedience diploma- beginners), Queenie got 86 points on her debute!

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My beautiful A-litter are one year already! Time flies!
I want to thank all of you puppy buyers for taking such good care of my babies! Visit their page to read more about them.

Working Mates Ants In The Pants "Nim"

Was replaced at 10 months & renamed form "Myran" to "Nim". She is now living with the Krusic family in Stockholm.

Working Mates Absolutely Spot On "Rizla"

Lives in Malung with Rebecka and Arnout. She has so far become BIG- 3 in a puppy show, recived one CAC & BOB & yesterday she and Arnout made their debut in obedience class 1. 

Working Mates Action My Attraction "Storma"

Is one of my breedingterm dogs, she lives with Emelie in Stockholm. She has been training in Search, Tracking, Obedience & IPO. Storma has so far become BIG- 2 in a puppy show, receved 5 CAC, 4 BOB & 1 BOS in junior class.

Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian"

That lives in Finland- Åbo with Hanne, Kalle Tuulos & family.
She has been trained to become an rescue dog and also some obedience, freestyle and herding. She has recived 1 CAC & BOB in Finland.

Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior"

Lives in Sundsvall with Christina Näslund. He has been trained in Obedience, Tracking, Search, Freestyle and also to become a Patrol dog as his father. He has so far recived 4 CAC & 3 BOB and also shortlisted in the Group at 10 months.

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3 days of competing with Rocky at "Slottshoppet" near Uppsala. He has been great every day but there was always something that didn't quite work until today when both him & I did a GREAT run! He placed 6 out of 50+ dogs and got his first "pinne" out of 3 in Jump class 1! So proud of my wonderful little boy! :)

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Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian" got her first CAC & also became BOB at Karis/Karjaa International show - Finland! I'm so happy for owner Hanne & Kalle Tuulos!!

Critic: "Well built beautiful female, correct head, very good topline, good balanced moving, good front and rear."

Judge: Kraljic Zlatko, Croatia.

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Little "Myran" now known as "Nim" has moved to her new home in Stockholm with the Krusic family and having a blast! She has adapted well in her new home and I'm so thankfull to Anna & the rest of the family for taking Nim in to their home and hearts!

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Today we had to say goodbye to our wonderful boy Gizmo...
We will always remember this charming, playful, intelligent & loving boy who has given us 10 wonderful years together.

read more about Gizmo >>>

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Working Mates Busy Being Brave "Nixon" was at his first show in Borås (unofficial show). He was really good behaved in the ring and became BOB and then also BIS 4 out of 30 puppys! Great work and congrats to John & Gabriella!

Critic: 4 month male puppy. Lovely temperament. Good model and good head with dark eyes. Adequate bone. Good top line. Enough forechest. Good angles. Moves with powerful energetic movements with sustained posture.

BOB Judge: Gunnar Furuvik
BIS Judge: Lars Hammar

This weekend I was at a seminar for Emily Larlham at Halmstad Hundarena! It was a freestyle seminar and I had Sydney and Mania with me. Both girls where so well behaved the whole weekend and Mania learned a lot of new stuff! I love to work with her! She is so cool when waiting for her turn & full concentration when working. She learns everything so fast!

Emily Larlham was great! Even though it was much I already know, it was a great reminder and we got a few new trix to work with! :)

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Beautiful Working Mates Action My Attraction "Storma" took her 5:th CAC in junior class and became BOB at Vännäs national show today! Congrats to Emelie Dahlgren. 
The two of you are such a great team in the ring!

Judge: Zorica Salijevic

Critic: good proportions, good coat + pigmentation, correct neck, good expression, good body, strong topline, good depth in chest, good angulation, very good in motion, good temperament, excellent handling.

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Working Mates Breaking The Rules "Rejza" at her first show 4 months and 2 days old in Piteå. She became BOB and then BIS-1 puppy!
She competed against much older pyppys, up to 9 months.
Huge congrats to owner and handler Jonna Almänes!

Judge: Kurt Nilsson
Critic: Very nice puppy, excellent head and expression, good eyes, excellent proportions, very good angles, excellent movement for her age.

Working Mates Action My Attraction "Storma" was also shown today, but in Norrköping. She became BOB and got her 4:th CAC in junior class! Congrats & thank's to Emelie Dahlgren!

Judge: Zorica Salijevic
Critic: Good proportions of the head with good pigmentation. Proper neck. Well developed and strong body. Good angles. Good movements with lots of energy. Good coulor and coat quality. Very good temperament!

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2 days of show with the A- litter - 10 months old.
Great to see them and their owners together again!

Saturday 26/5 we where at Österbybruk INT. - Uppsala. Judge for the day was Butkiene Jurate, Litauen. All got Excellent with CK, WM Another Dewil "Junior" became BOB with CAC and WM Absolutely Spot On "Rizla" became BOS with CAC.
We also showed them in breeders group: All 4 dogs looks very similar, all have correct expression for the breed, excellent dark eyes, excellent ears, sound bones, correct toplines, enough strong chest and forechest, good movers.

In the group Junior and I where shortlisted among the 6 last dogs!! Group judge: Melchior Marie-Josée

Junior and I in the group among the 6 dogs that where shortlisted.

Sunday morning we left for Vallentuna INT. in stockholm.
Judge for the day was Strachan David, Australia.
All got excellent with CK exept for WM Ants in the Pants "Myran" that got VG but with a very nice critic, she has a slightly reversed scissor bite.

Breeders group: An excellent group, very typical of the breed, All have good balance, good overall body proportions, excellent typical heads, typical ears and ear placement, All dogs displaying typical cattle dog temperament.

WM Another Dewil "Junior" became best junior male with CAC and 2:nd best male after the champion male. WM Action My Attraction "Storma" became BOS and got a nother CAC.

Rockys son Lex Murphy Czech Mate "Primo" was also showed!

Hans Almgren
Class: Junior
Result: Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOS!
Comments: Appealing proportions between height and length. Just right length of nose. Beautiful pearshape of the head. Excellent stop, powerful jaws, excellent bite, strong teeth. Dry neck, good structure, straight front legs . Strong back, excellent angulations, dense coat, collected paws. Excellent expression that is enhanced by the placement of the ears. Separated tan markings. Moves with a good stride, good reach.

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New pictures of the ACD B-Litter, 4 months.

Working Mates Bring It On "Leva"
Working Mates Breaking The Rules "Rejza"
Working Mates Buckaroo Babe "Sheila"
Working Mates Born To Brag "Inez"
Working Mates Burn Every Turn "Eve"
Working Mates Busy Being Brave "Nixon"
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Working Mates Action My Attraction "Storma" (10 months) was at her second show (national) and got her 2:nd CAC & BOB today!
Congrats to Emelie and Storma!

"Feminine well developed junior bitch. Correct bite. Well shaped head, dark eyes with alert expression. Well placed ears. Powerful neck. Excellent body and bone. A bit long in the loin. Fine angles. Can still develop in forechest. Free movement. Good coat.
Judge: Eva Eriksson
Place: Nora BK 17/5-2012

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Today Sydney competed with Jenny Jurnelius in Rally obedience at Märsta- Sigtuna BK she got 86 points.
Thank you Jenny!

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Read about Dewi - father to our A-litter in the latest ACD Spotlight!

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Some new pictures of Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian" on a unofficial show in Finland, mostly for the training - 10 months.
And some search and rescue training pictures from the ruins.
Pictures taken by Hanne Tuulos, click on them to enlarge.

Working Mates - Beauty & Brains!  ;) 

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Mania and I where in Borlänge today to do the character test called MH. Mania was a little slow/wiry at everything and reacted more then I thought she would. Don't know if she's still a bit wacky after her heat....

Meanwhile Rockys son Primo- Lex Murphy Czech Mate was at the show in Västerås. He behaved really good in the ring and took it all! :)
Congratulations to Primo & owner/breeder Maria Weinehall!

Judge: Torbjörn Skaar
Class: Junior
Result: Exc-1, CK, BM-1, CAC, BOB!
Comments: Very nice masculine head with dark eyes, well carried ears, good neck. Excellent body and structure. Excellent angulations in front and rear. Moves well. Well presented.

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Storma - Working Mates Action My Attraction got her first CAC and became BOB at her first official show (9 ½ months) in Västerås today! She was really well behaved in the ring! Many thank´s and congrats to Emelie Dahlgren!

Critic: Well shaped head. Good ears. Good neck. Good body and proportions. Needs to tighter her back line. Normal bone. Enough angulated rear. Moves very short. Good coat and color.

Judge: Blid Von Schedvin

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Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" got his first CAC and became BOB at his first official show!
Congratulations to owner Christina Näslund!

Critic: Strong very good bone. Strong head. Nice earset. Ex. prop. Very corr angul. in front & behind. Full of temp.

Misterka-Kluska Wies

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The puppies have now left for their new homes, read more about them and their new familys in the litter chronicle- Kennel page!

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Today the puppies had Hearing/BAER test done.
Unfortunately puppie No. 1 "Miss Pink" is deaf which I basically already knew, but now it's official.
Puppie No. 2 "Miss Purple" is deaf on one ear.
And the rest have bilateral hearing!

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New folder for all puppy byers in Sweden from the Swedish Kennel Club, with my puppie from the A-litter Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian" (Export Finland), on the front page!  :)

Photo by: Jenny Jurnelius

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Sydney and I competed in freestyle
and got our 2:nd CAC!
Which means that we only need one more
to become freestyle champions!

Junior - Working Mates Another Dewil was at his first puppie show and became BOB and BIS 4 puppy!

Critic: Beautiful 8 month old boy. Very good type. Excellent size.
Well developed head for his age. Excellent eyes and ears. Correct teeth and bite. Already good impression of gender. Good neck and topline. Excellent front. Excellent body proportions. Excellent coat and color. Good tail. Excellent temperament. Excellent movements.

Judge: Helge Lie

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We have got 3 new family members!
They will in time get their own pages but until then they get a brief introduction here.

z Krumlovského podhradí

Saphira is an 8 week old wonderful and gorgeous little pup!
She is totally fearless and very playful.

Uriašek Ranní Svit

Is a very gentle boy that needs a bit more confidence. 
He is very nice and not really afraid, he just needs to see that there is a nother world out there...

RIA z Chržínského ranče

Alou is a very loving girl that just loves life!
She is a very clever girl and doesn't let anything get in her way...  

She has a lovely dark chocolate coulor and outstanding body construction.

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New pictures of beautiful Junior, 7 months.
Read more about him on his own page!

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Tonight Queenie gave birth to 5 girls and 1 male, not sure of the coulors yet... 3 girls and the male are plain faced and 2 girls are red with face markings. Both mom and babies are doing fine!
Individual pictures on the puppie page!

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Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian" that lives in Finland, meeting cows for the first time. She could not understand why she wasn't allowed to bite the cows... That's the whole point according to Trillian!  :)

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Today both Rizla and Storma experienced their first puppy shows!
Both girls where very well behaved in the ring
and both became BOB and placed in the group! 
Great work Emelie, Arnout & Rebecka! 

Working Mates Absolutely Spot On "Rizla"

Place: Malungs KK
Judge: Benny Blid von Schedvin
Well balanced puppy, niceley shaped head, good ears, normal neck, good proportions, good strong body for her age, a bit straight in front, good bone structure & angles, good movement, sufficient coat for age.  
BOB & BIG- 3 puppy!

Video of Rizla in the ring!

Working Mates Action My Attraction "Storma"

Place: Newfoundlands club, Sollentuna Raketthall
Judge: Cindy Pettersson & Torbjörn Skaar - Group
Well proportioned wedge shaped head with good stop, Good ears, Dark eyes, still a puppy bite, Nice front, excellent neck and shoulder, good chest, lenght and volume, Wonderfully well angled hindquarters, Very stable in motion coming and going, Excellent movement.
BOB, BIG- 2 puppy!

Video 1- see the ending!   Video 2- group   Video 3- BIG 2

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Sydney and I at Agria Elite Challange - Click to enlarge! Sydney and I at Agria Elite Challange - Click to enlarge!

Sydney and I competed in freestyle two days in a row. I'm pleased with Sydney's performance, even if it wasn't good.... :)
But since we havn't had the time to train properly I can't complain, and she did the routine even "better" the next day!

Sydney and Rocky also competed in rally obedience and Sydney did great and got promotion points to the next class!
Rocky on other hand tought it was agility and just wanted to run! :)

Watch the video of Sydney and I competing in rally obedience!

Primo 7 months, CLICK TO ENLARGE. Primo 7 months, CLICK TO ENLARGE.

The fourth and last day of My Dog Rocky's son Lex Murphy Czech Mate "Primo" became BOB puppy!
He was so well behaved in the ring!
Congrats and we wish Maria Weinehall and Primo continued success in the show rings!

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Today we did an ultrasound on Queenie to see if there are some puppies in that belly... :)
The Vet. could see at least 3 puppies and normal heart beats!
So now we know that we are expecting puppies in the beggining of february!!! :)


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