Grand Slam at HUND-12!!!

What a GREAT day we had today at Swedens biggest show-HUND-12!!!
(ower 7000 dogs entered)

Prazky Krysariks- HUGO Best Junior male, Best male & BOB (out of 30 PK´s) at his first show!!! In other words he became Swedish Junior winner -12 & Swedish Winner-12!

ROCKY Best Champion male & 2:nd best male!

SAPHIRA 2:nd best Junior bitch.

ACD´s-  NIXON Best Junior male, Best male & BOB!! Also he got the new titles Swedish Junior Winner-12 & Swedish Winner-12!

MANIA was best bitch & BOS! And got the new title Swedish Winner-12!

Thank You to all my puppy buyers & friends that helped and cheered us on! ♥



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