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No puppies at the moment, please visit our planned litter page!

We do not have a constant supply of puppies - one or two litters per year is about as much as we will expect to breed. Though sometimes we can recomend puppys from other kennels that have the same ideals as we have.

Our puppies are often in high demand, which is very flattering.
We do not take deposits until we know which home each puppy will go to. We take into consideration what you would like your puppy for and which puppy would prove most suitable. We appreciate that most people like facial markings or preferences in coulor, however this is not our first priority in placing puppies. If you simply want a WM puppy as a pet then that is perfectly fine, as we look at the overall quality of life our puppies will have. We have produced genetically nice puppies, now its up to the new owner to put the time in to turn them into exceptionally nice dogs.  
We also reserve the right to not sell a puppy if we feel, for any number of reasons, that the breed would not suit your situation.

All our puppies are hearing tested (BAER) before being placed and new owners will get a hearing certificate for their pup. A Working Mates puppy will be microchipped, dewormed & vaccinated before he or she leaves here.
No puppies from Working Mates are PRA or PLL affected.

If you want a WORKING MATES puppy you may have to make a booking and wait for the ideal puppy for your needs to become available.