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This weekend I left for Karlshamn (7 ½ hours drive) to judge freestyle & HtM. Before that I competed with Sydney & Queenie in Rally obedince- beginners class. Both Sydney & Queenie did great I on the other hand missed some of the signs... Sydney got 89 points and got her title RLD N (rally obedience diploma- beginners), Queenie got 86 points on her debute!

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My beautiful A-litter are one year already! Time flies!
I want to thank all of you puppy buyers for taking such good care of my babies! Visit their page to read more about them.

Working Mates Ants In The Pants "Nim"

Was replaced at 10 months & renamed form "Myran" to "Nim". She is now living with the Krusic family in Stockholm.

Working Mates Absolutely Spot On "Rizla"

Lives in Malung with Rebecka and Arnout. She has so far become BIG- 3 in a puppy show, recived one CAC & BOB & yesterday she and Arnout made their debut in obedience class 1. 

Working Mates Action My Attraction "Storma"

Is one of my breedingterm dogs, she lives with Emelie in Stockholm. She has been training in Search, Tracking, Obedience & IPO. Storma has so far become BIG- 2 in a puppy show, receved 5 CAC, 4 BOB & 1 BOS in junior class.

Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian"

That lives in Finland- Åbo with Hanne, Kalle Tuulos & family.
She has been trained to become an rescue dog and also some obedience, freestyle and herding. She has recived 1 CAC & BOB in Finland.

Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior"

Lives in Sundsvall with Christina Näslund. He has been trained in Obedience, Tracking, Search, Freestyle and also to become a Patrol dog as his father. He has so far recived 4 CAC & 3 BOB and also shortlisted in the Group at 10 months.

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3 days of competing with Rocky at "Slottshoppet" near Uppsala. He has been great every day but there was always something that didn't quite work until today when both him & I did a GREAT run! He placed 6 out of 50+ dogs and got his first "pinne" out of 3 in Jump class 1! So proud of my wonderful little boy! :)

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Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian" got her first CAC & also became BOB at Karis/Karjaa International show - Finland! I'm so happy for owner Hanne & Kalle Tuulos!!

Critic: "Well built beautiful female, correct head, very good topline, good balanced moving, good front and rear."

Judge: Kraljic Zlatko, Croatia.

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Little "Myran" now known as "Nim" has moved to her new home in Stockholm with the Krusic family and having a blast! She has adapted well in her new home and I'm so thankfull to Anna & the rest of the family for taking Nim in to their home and hearts!

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