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Me and Marloes drove to Degerfors to compete in Obedience. 
It was in a indoor horse arena and it wasn´t the best organisation because you couldn´t warm up the dogs anywhere before the start but even though Mania came in 4:th place and advanced to the next class. Idun was a bit distracted in the start (her first time in such a place) and got a half point! from advancing to the next class. 
But still we are so proud over our girls!
Great day in great company!

I drove 3 hours to Linköping to participate at a course with
Polina Illina in Freestyle. 
So much fun to learn new ways to train the dog, got very psyched to start training Freestyle again!
 Also nice to meet both old and new friends! 
And also one of my pups that got so happy when he saw me. :)

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Today Idun (WM Finders Keepers) and her mum Marloes had their debut in Obedience! And because she says it so well in her own words I´m just gonna paist her comment here. 

I am so SO proud of my still so young little blue wonder. She was so calm and relaxed in the hours we waited. Flexible and friendly to both dogs and new people. 
We learned SO much in just that first competition...like taking her collar off or she may scratch herself in the middle of heeling...
We got a 5 out of 10 because of it. She also simply did not hear me once so I need to be louder next time! As per usual....I need to get my act together ...

But even with all those priceless lessons we learned today, she ALSO managed to get enough points to immediately advance to the next class, which is just incredible!!  
Thank you Renata Johansson for her! 

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Working Mates Catch Me If You Can "Nacho"
was today approved in his fragrance sample - eucalyptus
and can now start competing in Nosework!

Congrats Erika & Nacho!

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Working Mates Ever So Clever "Jack"
did today do his debut in obedience start class with his owner Anna Ivarska.
And out of 21 dogs they came in First place with 184,5 points!
and also great feedback from the judge
"happy and obedient dog, great teamwork, owner very nice with her dog "

And i couldn´t agree more, great teamwork!
BIG congrats to Anna & Jack!

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