Nixon at his first show & Mania and Sydney was on seminar for Emily Larlham!

Working Mates Busy Being Brave "Nixon" was at his first show in Borås (unofficial show). He was really good behaved in the ring and became BOB and then also BIS 4 out of 30 puppys! Great work and congrats to John & Gabriella!

Critic: 4 month male puppy. Lovely temperament. Good model and good head with dark eyes. Adequate bone. Good top line. Enough forechest. Good angles. Moves with powerful energetic movements with sustained posture.

BOB Judge: Gunnar Furuvik
BIS Judge: Lars Hammar

This weekend I was at a seminar for Emily Larlham at Halmstad Hundarena! It was a freestyle seminar and I had Sydney and Mania with me. Both girls where so well behaved the whole weekend and Mania learned a lot of new stuff! I love to work with her! She is so cool when waiting for her turn & full concentration when working. She learns everything so fast!

Emily Larlham was great! Even though it was much I already know, it was a great reminder and we got a few new trix to work with! :)


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