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Have a scaaaarrry Halloween!
Here is a picture of "Rocky" Antonin od Katovické Hory & Girra Ween Kazari Toyo- Ken "Mania" though a bit remade... ;)

The original picture of Rocky playing.

Original picture of Mania

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It was Junior´s second time in "class 2" with Kicki´s doughter Jenny.
They got an score of 93 out of 100! 
So now he only needs one more score in this class to be moved up to advanced class! :)


Great work Jenny & Junior!!!

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Today Jenny Näslund (daughter to Christina Näslund - owner) competed in Rally obedience with "Junior" Working Mates Another Dewil. It was their first start together and also Junior´s first time in continuation class, class 2 (fortsättnings klass) & they got 82 points out of 100 and passed!

Great work!

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We are happy to have found such great homes to all of the pups in the C -litter!
Here´s a short presentation, and if you would like to read more and see the pups own pages with more pictures & statistics fallow this link! But it isn´t finnished quite yet...


Erika & Nacho

Erika will first of all be training "Nacho" Working Mates Catch Me If You Can in Agility.
But maybe there´s an obedience and Freestyle dog in him aswell... ;)


Ewa, Claes with family & Ruben

Ewa & Claes will have shared custody over "Ruben" Working Mates Crash N´ Burn. :)
They will try a little bit of everything with Ruben but first of all train tracking & Obedience.


Josefine Henrik, Eros & Doris

Josefine & Henrik will be taking "Doris" Working Mates Cought Ya´ Lookin´ with them to Linköping. Josefine will try a bit of everything with her!

Sophie & Svea

Sophie lives quite close to us and therefore has "Svea" Working Mates Cowculated Success
on breedingterms.
Sophie also has a Bordercollie that is now retiered from obedience, herding & Agility, so now Svea will learn from him how it should be done! ;)


Angelika & Jura

Angelika we have known for years! She is a good friend that has Kelpie from Christina Näslund (owner to "Junior" Working Mates Another Dewil from the A-litter).
Angelika will probably try a lot of
different dog sports with
"Jura" Working Mates Crime of Passion! :)

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Another BOB, CC & CACIBfor Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" at Sundsvall INT!

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Working Mates Burn Every Turn "Eve" who lives in Germany at Woylie's kennel got her X-ray results back today and got...
HD: A1/A1 & ED: 0/0 !!!
She has also done her eye check (CERF) which was clear and the PLL test was also clear!
Congratulations and thank you to Anja Kröner!

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Congratulations to Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian"
which today passed the subsample 2 in Finland for rescue dogs and therefore qualifies as a rescue dog!  
And she´s only just over 2 years old!
She also passed with top scores and was the only one out of 4 dogs that passed!
So proud and happy for Kalle & Hanne Tuulos that have been working very hard for this and offcourse beautiful Trillian that just loves finding people! :)

Photo: Hanne Tuulos
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