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Jura competed in Novice class for the second time and got the two more approved results she needed to move up to advaced class! 

Congratulation to owner Angelika Genberg!

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Today Myran competed in Rally obedience and moved up from advanced class to excellent class!

Congratulations to owner Linda Helin! 

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Doris - Working Mates Caught Ya´ Lookin´ 
competed in obedience today and passed with 177 p and placed second!
They have now advanced to obedience class 2!

Congratulations to owner Josefine Haag!

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Myran - Working Mates Dingos R So Yesterday
Lizzy - Working Mates Drop-dead Gorgeous
got their HD/ED and back x-ray results!

Myran: HD: A/B, ED: 0/0, spondylos & DISH free
Lizzy: HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Spondylos & DISH free

Very happy about such perfect results!

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