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Today I left for Tierp to compete in Agility (jump class) with Sydney & Rocky. Met up with my friend Annakarin because I had to work later that afternoon so she took over. Rocky got an fault in slalom both runs, have to practise! But he had the fastest time!
Sydney got an "leg" in the first round and in the other she crashed in to the first barrier. Still, so proud!  :)

Thank you Annakarin!!!

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Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian" got her 2:nd CAC in Raisio- Finland today! 

Judge: Anatoli Zhuk,  
Critic: Excellent type and excellent proportions. Correct expression. A little bit straight upper arm. Movement balanced and light enough. Front could be a bit more parallel. Correct balanced temperament.

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Mania and Queenie didn't quite get along when they were in heat, therefore I took the decision to rehome Queenie. She now lives with Linnéa in Skåne- Sweden. It was so hard to see her go but I know she will have a great life and that we will meet again. I still have the breeding rights on Queenie so she will be on the kennel page, where you will be able to follow her adventures.
The picture is taken just a few days before she left.

Forever in my heart.

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