Danish & Nordic Winner in Herning- Denmark!

Saturday - 3/11 and we had a ruff day ahead. Me with 2 ACD´s & 1 Kelpie, Maria with 3 Cirneco Del Etna´s & Britzyk with her Cirneco & Miniature Pincher and all breeds where first or almost first out in their ring...

I had the Kelpie "Gizmo" - Aussie Actions Opal first and things went quaite well! He became best male and then BOS with CAC, CACIB & got the title Danish Winner- 12!

At the same time the ACD´s had started in their ring and Maria was helping me out. Unfortuatly "Junior" - Working Mates Another Dewil missed his chanse to become Danish winner...
"Mania" -  Girra Ween Kazari Toyo Ken got VG because the judge didn´t like her head?!?! I could have given her a lot of arguments not to like Mania but her head is her best quality! Well well...

Sunday 4/11 and we had better luck with the ring placements today!
Gizmo was first out, but was only placed as 3:rd best male today.....

Instead we had great succes with the ACD´s!!!
Junior became BOB and Mania became BOS! Both got their CAC, CACIB & Nordic Winner 2012! So happy and proud of my beautiful dogs!

Congratulations to all our friends that did well this weekend at Herning!
Sweden did very well in the group & BIS finals!



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