This year was really not at all as I had imagined and planned it ...
It started horribly... The 16:th of February Sydney died when she was hit by a car.
It took me several months before I even understod that she actually would never come back, it felt more like she was just away on holidays...
She was my everything and I think I've still not quite gotten over her death.
The strenght left me after that and the motivation to start to compete with Mania was not really there.

So instead I concentrated on the kennel. Even if we had some up and downs their aswell we got 3 beautiful litters!
Our first litter on Prazsky Krysarik, we got 2 great boys and after that I flew all the way to France with "Storma" (Working Mates Action My Attraction) and got some great matings with Woylie´s Freddy. This also gave me a nother chance to visit Paris. :)
And now our ACD D-litter just started to move into their new homes.

Prazsky Krysarik A-litter
ACD C-litter
ACD D-litter

In the summer Rocky and I competed in Agility where we did really good! I´m also very greatful for our lovely puppies that have been competing and showing throughout the year! Working Mates has this year gained
one Patrol Dog for the Armed forces (WM Another Dewil)
one Search & Rescue Dog (WM Admire My Fire)
A Swedish show champion, Nordic show Champion, BOB at the German ACD speciality and also the show title Finnish winner-13 A few also passed obedience class 1, Rally obedience and tracking (apellen). Thank you for your hard work and we wish you all the best of luck in 2014!
Working Mates Another Dewil
Working Mates Amire My Fire
Working Mates Burn Every Turn

Before the year was over, I also got the news that I have been elected to coach the National team in Freestyle & HTM. It is a huge honor and I'm really looking forward to this tough but incredibly rewarding task!

Thank You to all my friends, Family and Puppy buyers and I hope to see you all again in a even better 2014!



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