2017 > 03

Idun competed once again in class 2 rally obedience and got 99 pionts! 
Now they only need one more leg to advance to 3:rd class!
Big congrats Marloes & Idun!

See the video here below.

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Today I and Marloes competed with Mania & Idun in Rally obedience. 
Mania & me in advanced class (3rd class) for the first time and Marloes & Idun in second class. 
Mania and I got 73 points (need 80 points to earn a leg) witch I was glad for because we havn´t have the proper time to train. 
It went much better for Marloes and Idun that urned a leg with 88 points!
You go girls!

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Today Marloes and Idun  competed in Obedience start class and got a leg with 175 points! 
So proud over you guys!

Below you can see a video of Idun in training!

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