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We want to congratulate to "Darwin" Working Mates Don´t U Dare (10 months) for his first prize in obedience class 2 today! His first try and he got 184p and also class winner!

Huge congrats to owner Linda!
You are a great team!

The picture is from Uddevalla BHK.

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Working Mates Does Trick For Treats "Lee" competed in tracking these 4 passed days and can now add the title SEVCH to her name!! :)

The first Working Mates puppie to become
Feild Tracking Champion!!

12/9 Godkänt anlagsprov
15/9 1:a pris öppenklasspår
16/91 1:a pris öppenklasspår
17/9 1:a pris öppenklassspår & SEVCH

Huge congrats to Tina & Lee!!!

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Working Mates Beast In Show "KIT" was at her first show - puppy class. She got a really nice critic and became BOB puppy!
Very proud of this beautiful little girl!

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Demo was at his first official show today, 10 months old, He got CAC and became BOB & BIS 4!!

Big congrats to owner Hannah!!

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Thaison was at his first show here in Sweden - Gimo INT.
He behaved really good and got a really nice critic, CAC, CACIB and BOB!

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Working Mates Cought Ya´ Lookin´  "Doris" was x-rayed today and got A/A Hips & 0/0 elbows!

Big congrats to owner Josefine!!

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Working Mates Don´t U Dare "Darwin" competed in obedience class 1 for the first time (10 months old) and got first prize and can now compete in class 2!

Huge congrats to owner Hafstrand Linda!!!

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