Here you can read about the friends that already have left our side.
The ones that thought us so much and gave us all the love in the world!
We miss them but they will Always be in our hearts!

NO V-10   FI V-10  HE V-10  NORD V-10

Antonín od Katovické Hory

Rocky was a wonderful little boy that just loved everything and everyone!
 He competed in Agility class 2.


Well as you can see Elvis was no dog...
But still a member of our 4-legged family!
I will never have a cat like him agian, he was very special!

Hejastugans Häxa

Sydney was a very special & crazy bitch.
 She left us far too early in a very tragic way.
We did a lot together & there was nothing this girl could´t do!

X-Kayos Bozz


Gizmo did som competing in both agility and obedience. He loved chasing flies in the summer and just roll around in the snow all winter.


My first real dog, and she was a lot to handle!
She was my teacher and Best friend!