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"Myran" WM Dingos R So Yesterday was today showed at the NAT. show in Täby. 
She got CAC and became BOB!

Congrats to owner and handler Linda Helin!

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"Myran" WM Dingos R So Yesterday competed in Rally obedience class 3 today and passed!
She now has 2 more to go in class 3 to get to Elite class!

Great job Linda Helin and Myran!!

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Nacho - Working Mates Catch Me If You Can competed in Rally, continuation class (class 2) and got 2 approved scores (98 &79 points). Now he needs just one more to move up to class 3! :)

Congrats Nacho & Erika!

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Today "Ruben" - WM Crash N´ Burn competed in obeience class 2 in Nyköping and gained enough points and pleced as second!
They have now moved up to class 3!

Big Congrats!!

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