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Thasion has become the most winning Thai Ridgeback in Norway 2014! This Diploma was sent to us by post from the Norwegian Kennel Club.

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We have had a successfull mating between Storma (Working Mates Action My Attraction) and Cody (Wallaroo Revolverhead)! 3 perfect matings in 3 days! 

Cody was even more good looking IRL and Storma felt the same way! ;) 

We keep our fingers crossed for puppies in the middle of febuary! :)

Thank you Steffi & Roger for youre hospitality!!! I promise to work on my German!! :)

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First day of HUND 14 (Swedens Biggest Show) and I judged the Swedish Championship in K9 Freestyle. 

The second day I had entered 4 dogs 
Mania - Cattle Dog
Thaison - Thai Ridgeback
Hugo & Kit - Prazsky Krysarik

Mania was first out and became 2:nd best bitch.

Then it was time for the "Rats"... ;) Hugo became Best Champion Male and then also Best male. At the very end he became BOS and got the title Swedish Winner -14!

Kit (10 months) became best Junior and got the title Swedish Junior winner -14! And placed as 3:rd best bitch.

Last but not least we had Thaison. He took it all and became BOB with the title Swedish Winner -14! 
But we didn´t stop there...
Thaison also got placed as BIG 2 in the group finals!! :D

A very nice weekend with great friends, puppy buyers, competitiors and a lot of great dogs! ♥ 

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This weekend we spent in Helsinki Finland at the Finnish winner show. 

Kit became 2.nd best Junior. Not happy at all about that... :/

And Thaison became best male and BOS with the title Finnish winner -14! with CAC & CACIB! Showed by Maria Weinehall.

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