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WM Caught Ya´ Lookin´ "Doris" and owner Josefine Haag competed in obedience class II today and did it again! 
They got an first prize even though everything didn´t
work according to the plan. ;)

Big Congrats!!

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Working Mates Catch Me If You Can "Nacho" was showed at Leksand INT. today and got CAC, CACIB and became BOB!

Congrats Erika & Nacho!!

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Working Mates Finders Keepers "Idun" competed in Rally obedience for the second time today and did great!
She got her 3rd qualifying result and the title RLD N!!

Big congrats to Marloes and Idun!

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AGHD II Working Mates Anything But Average competed in Jump class (Agility) today and did a clear run and came in 4th place!

Congrats to Carro Cajback!!

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WM Caught Ya Lookin´ "Doris"
competed in obedience class 2 today and got advancement points
and came in second place!

Big Congrats to Josefine Haag & Doris!

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Working Mates Finders Keepers did the Herding Instinct Test today and did very good!

Great job Marloes and Idun!! 

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Kit - Working Mates Beast In Show
competed in Rally obedience today (beggners class) and scored 80 points out of 100! 

Great work Kit & Angelica!!

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Working Mates Beast In Show "KIT"
passed the ability test in bloodtracking today!

Congrats to Angelica Andersson!

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