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Lee- Working Mates Does Tricks For Treat got CAC, CACIB & became BOB at Malmö International Dog show Today!

Big congrats to handler & owner Tina Gavling!

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Mania and I had a loooooong drive to Ranua/Finland to meet her boyfriend Vallu. 
They clicked and we had 3 matings in 3 days. 
Hoping for puppies in May!

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Today we had our first offspring in the kennel that debutated in Freestyle to music! 
Working Mates Absolutely Spot On "Rizla" and owner Rebecka Barkskog did a great job and andvanced to the next class - Freestyle class 11! 
BIG Congrats!!

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Today Working Mates Beast In Show- KIT was showed at Strängnäs INT. She got CK, CAC & became BOB with a really nice critic! 

Judge: Carl Gunnar Stafberg
Critic: Pleasant ensemble, nice junior bitch with great stature, excellent head, good eyes and ears, tight back, good angles, moves very good, god color and tan signs.

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Working Mates Cought Ya´ Lookin´ "Doris" passed the character test called MH with flying colors (1:a på skott)! And after they got the coment - What a Great dog you have! by the judge! :) 


Congrats to owner Josefine Haag!

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Lee´s X-rays results just came back and she has A/A hips and o/0 elbows!!!

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