About Kennel Working Mates

Working Mates is a small kennel located about 40 minutes from Stockholm, Sweden.
We are a family of four, Me - Renata, my husband Mats and our two children Natasha & Nicolas. We live in a small picturesque village called Örsundsbro, not far from Uppsala with our 4 dogs.

Since I was 12 years old (1996) and got my first dog, a Doberman called Cheri, I have been training and competing in different dog sports.
Soon after, I also started to help out with courses for other children and their dogs, and I was also on the board for youths- Stockholms Hundungdom.
I have always been fascinated by the dogs language, and reading the dogs comes naturally to me. I always want to learn more, and that's the great thing about dogs, there is always something new to learn from every dog.

I´m educated to be a zookeeper and have worked as a volunteer to rehabilitate Gibbon apes in Thailand. I have also worked as a veterinary nurse at Bagarmossens animal hospital.
At the moment I'm qualified as an Agility (A1-A2), Obedience, Puppy and Freestyle instructor. Recently I've also become a Freestyle and HTM judge.
I´m also active in the club SPKK (Svenska Prazsky Krysarik klubben) and currently elected on the board.
In 2014 I received the great honor of being team leader for the National team in Freestyle & HtM.

I work with all of my dogs in different sports not just because I LOVE working with my best friends, but also because I can see what's in them before I decide to use them in my breeding.
I know what is wanted in a working dog, in any kind of work, and that will help you find the dog that will suit your needs.


Puppy Activity course

WORKING MATES - dogs without limits

Stands for that I breed dogs that are able to do anything! The worst thing I know is people saying that they don´t need a good looking dog because they are just gonna work cattle or do Agility with it.
I usually answer, well don´t you want your dog to be healthy and able to work hard for many years? Of course everyone´s answer is YES!
And then there are people that want the opposite: - I just want a good looking dog that doesn´t need to be able to work, and then my answer is - buy yourself a pug!

What I want is a great looking dog - not only so it will be able to win at shows, but a well built dog is also able to work hard for many years whithout injuries. In other words, I want the whole package!

I breed two very different breeds, but they are both very active with big hearts & brains!
You can read more about why I chose these breeds and the goals I have with my breeding on the kennel page.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our dogs, you are welcome to contact Working Mates!
Or follow us on facebook @KennelWorkingMates


Agility show with my Doberman "Cheri" for the Queen of Sweden- 1998
Ing. Jan Kubeš - vice precident, Renata & MVDr. Lubomír Široký- President of CMKU, Czech Kennel Club. Prazsky Krysarik meeting.
I & Working Mates Don´t U Dare
Swedish championship in Freestyle with Sydney.
Mania and I after a good hearding run - 2011