Thasion has become the most winning Thai Ridgeback in Norway 2014! This Diploma was sent to us by post from the Norwegian Kennel Club.

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We have had a successfull mating between Storma (Working Mates Action My Attraction) and Cody (Wallaroo Revolverhead)! 3 perfect matings in 3 days! 

Cody was even more good looking IRL and Storma felt the same way! ;) 

We keep our fingers crossed for puppies in the middle of febuary! :)

Thank you Steffi & Roger for youre hospitality!!! I promise to work on my German!! :)

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First day of HUND 14 (Swedens Biggest Show) and I judged the Swedish Championship in K9 Freestyle. 

The second day I had entered 4 dogs 
Mania - Cattle Dog
Thaison - Thai Ridgeback
Hugo & Kit - Prazsky Krysarik

Mania was first out and became 2:nd best bitch.

Then it was time for the "Rats"... ;) Hugo became Best Champion Male and then also Best male. At the very end he became BOS and got the title Swedish Winner -14!

Kit (10 months) became best Junior and got the title Swedish Junior winner -14! And placed as 3:rd best bitch.

Last but not least we had Thaison. He took it all and became BOB with the title Swedish Winner -14! 
But we didn´t stop there...
Thaison also got placed as BIG 2 in the group finals!! :D

A very nice weekend with great friends, puppy buyers, competitiors and a lot of great dogs! ♥ 

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This weekend we spent in Helsinki Finland at the Finnish winner show. 

Kit became 2.nd best Junior. Not happy at all about that... :/

And Thaison became best male and BOS with the title Finnish winner -14! with CAC & CACIB! Showed by Maria Weinehall.

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Nacho - Working Mates Catch Me If You Can has competed in Rally Obedience for the first time and got 76p the first round and 98p on the second. 

Congrats and great work Nacho & Erika Andersson!

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Today Storma got the title KORAD which means that when she get´s a nother CAC at a dog show she will become Swedish show Champion! 

Big Congrats to Anna Stridh and Storma!!

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This weekend we spent in Norway- Lilleström INT. 
Kit became best Junior and got the Title Junior Nordic winner-14! And then 2.nd best bitch the same day she turned 9 months!

Thaison became both Norwegian & Nordic winner- 14 and BOB both days! He also got shortlisted in the group but unfortunately not placed. 

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Today was the annual meeting of the search and rescue dog association, and diplomas were handed to those dogs, who have passed tests during 2014.
Trillian was the association's only dog to pass the final test in ruins i.e. "civilian protection". Due to this, Trillian (and Trillian's handler Kalle Thuulos) is reserved for next 2 years on crisis time civilian protection organization. In practice this means that if Finland would go into war, Kalles place would be in their home town, working with Trillian.

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Working Mates Don´t U Dare "Darwin" competed in Obedience class 3 today and passed! So now he is in elite class which he will debute in the spring.
Darwin just turned one year!

Big congrats from us to both Darwin and owner Linda Hafstrand!

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Today Working Mates Absolutely Spot On "Rizla" and her owner Rebecka Barkskog competed in obedience class 3 and got a great score of 284,5 and first prize!!


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Today Storma - Working Mates Action My Attraction passed the character test called MT.

Big congrats to owner Anna Stridh!

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Jura (Working Mates Crime of Passion) competed at her first Rally obedience competition and got 95/100 points! 

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This year the European Dog Show was held in Brno - Czech Rep. 
My dear friend Maria Weinehall and I flew down to Prague with the dogs where we had a car waiting for us.

I had only Thaison with me this time. First day we placed as 3:rd best Champion. And the second day we placed as 2.nd best Champion.

It was very nice to see all the thai dogs and their owners I have been in contact with on Facebook for a long time. Thank you also to Erik Vlcek for all the photos of me and Thaison!

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Junior (Working Mates Another Dewil) was showed at Sundsvall INT. today and receved his last CACIB to became Internationall Show Champion (C.I.B) &
Multi Champion!!!

Huge congrats to Junior & owner Christina Näslund!

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Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" 
competed in obedience class 1 & passed! He came in 3:rd place!

Congratulations to owner Christina Näslund!

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Working Mates Crash N´ Burn (Ruben) has been X-rayed!

A/A Hips & 0/0 Elbows!!

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We want to congratulate to "Darwin" Working Mates Don´t U Dare (10 months) for his first prize in obedience class 2 today! His first try and he got 184p and also class winner!

Huge congrats to owner Linda!
You are a great team!

The picture is from Uddevalla BHK.

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Working Mates Does Trick For Treats "Lee" competed in tracking these 4 passed days and can now add the title SEVCH to her name!! :)

The first Working Mates puppie to become
Feild Tracking Champion!!

12/9 Godkänt anlagsprov
15/9 1:a pris öppenklasspår
16/91 1:a pris öppenklasspår
17/9 1:a pris öppenklassspår & SEVCH

Huge congrats to Tina & Lee!!!

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Working Mates Beast In Show "KIT" was at her first show - puppy class. She got a really nice critic and became BOB puppy!
Very proud of this beautiful little girl!

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Demo was at his first official show today, 10 months old, He got CAC and became BOB & BIS 4!!

Big congrats to owner Hannah!!

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Thaison was at his first show here in Sweden - Gimo INT.
He behaved really good and got a really nice critic, CAC, CACIB and BOB!

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Working Mates Cought Ya´ Lookin´  "Doris" was x-rayed today and got A/A Hips & 0/0 elbows!

Big congrats to owner Josefine!!

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Working Mates Don´t U Dare "Darwin" competed in obedience class 1 for the first time (10 months old) and got first prize and can now compete in class 2!

Huge congrats to owner Hafstrand Linda!!!

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This years Kennel Camp we had 4 days of fun training Obedience, Freestyle, Herding, Agility & Show Handling!

Thank you to all my puppie buyers for coming, I had a great time seeing all of you and my babies!! :)

Read more under Kennel Activities!

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Working Mates Cowculated Success "Svea" has been X-rayed and got B/B hips & 0/0 elbows!!

Big congrats to owner Sophie!!

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The First 3 days in Finland I spent coaching the Swedish National teams in Freestyle & Heelwork to Music. The teams did really good!! We took both the silver and brons medals! :)

Then it was time for the world dog show! I´m Very pleased with all my beautiful dogs!
Thaison became 3:rd best champion male.
Hugo 2:nd best champion male.
Myran excellent in Junior class and
Mania open class winner!

We also had 3 more dogs from WM entered but without results..

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Rizla- Working Mates Absolutely Spot On competed in Obedience class 2 and she got first prize and can now compete in class 3!

Bog congrats to owner Rebecka Barkskog!

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Lee (Working Mates Does Trick For Treat) was at a puppy show this weekend and became BOB puppy!
The judges were stunned over her great character and that she was trained so well and of course that she was so well buildt! :)

Critic: Utmärkt typ och helhet. Feminim med bra storlek. Mkt vackert huvud och uttryck. Utmärkt bett och pigment. Välställda öron. Snygg topline. Välkroppad och välkonstruerad. Goda vinklar. Välburen svans. Utmärkt päls med tilltalande färg. Mkt välgående. Väldrillad. Välvisad. Utmärkt temperament!

Congrats to owner Tina Gavling!!

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Junior (Working Mates Another Dewil) competed in Rally obedience today and passed with 91 points out of 100! He is now in Advanced class and also got a new title - RLDF!

Great work Jenny Näslund and Junior!!

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My dream has come true!

After 20 years of longing for a beautiful red Thai Ridgeback, he finally is here by my side!! :D

Read more about him on his own page under The Dogs!


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Storma (Working Mates Action My Attraction) got her another first prize in obedience class 1 today! (171 p)

Big congrats to Anna & Storma!!

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Demo (Working Mates Demolition Expert) was at his firt puppy show and it was the first time ever also for his owner Hannah Åström! :)
Both did very well and Demo became BOB puppy with a very nice critic!

"Snart 5 månader, Mycket vacker modell, Vackert huvud, Mörka vackra ögon, Fint placerade öron, Redan stark i kroppen, Mycket bra benstomme, Välvinklad, Rör sig väl, Bra temperament, Väl skött, Välvisad"

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Working Mates Action My Attraction "Storma"
got first prize in obedience class 1!

They got a score of 184,5 (out of 200)
and also won their class!

Great work Anna and Storma!!!!

Storma with her prize
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Today Hugo (Uriasek Ranni Svit) became Swedish Show Champion and therefore also Finnish, Danish &
Nordic show champion!! :D

Judge: Klein Dagmar Laura

Critic: Excellent type, Excellent construction of the head, Typical expression, Corr. lines of the body, Corr, neck & topline, Beautiful underline, Excellent mover, Nice typical temperament, Well presented.

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Today Working Mates Catch Me If You Can "Nacho" was at his first show  in Rättvik and became BIG 2 puppie!! :D

Great work and congrats to owner Erika Andersson!

Susanne Swedjebrink

Critic: Trevlig helhet med alert uttryck, korrekta huvuddetaljer, utmärkt hals, stark rygg, bra kroppslängd, vacker svans, välmusklad, Mycket välvinklad, rör sig typiskt och effektivt.

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Today we had a successful mating between Hugo
(NORD UCH, SE UCH, FI UCH, DK UCH, SE JV-12, SE V-12, FI V-13 Uriasek Ranni Svit)
Wiivi (LT JMVA, LV JMVA, EE JMVA, BALT JMVA Pomchih Bandanas Gr Wiivi)


We are hoping for puppies in april
at kennel Villin Lännen in Finland!

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Today "Jura" - Working Mates Crime Of Passion was at her first show and became BIS 4 puppie!

Bo Wiberg

"Feminint huvud, bra öron, utmärkta mörka ögon, tänder och bett UA, bra hals, rygglinje önskas något stramare. I stående och rörelse något långsträckt bål. Utmärkt välvinklad bak, rör sig väl från sidan, högt buren svans, utmärkt benstomme, vacker päls och färg. Trevligt temperament!"

Big congrats to owner Angelika Genberg!

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Today it was 1 year since my heart broke and Sydney left us...
It took me a LOOONG time to let her go and I just started to come back and heartily work with the other dogs. I just lost it all after her death...

But instead of thinking of death and sorrow this day Saphira surprized us all by giving birth! (day 57).

She gave birt to a perfect little girl!!
Black & tan
short hear
104 g
no fontanell or any other faults!
And a lot of willpower!

Working Mates Beast In show!

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Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" won the award for best allround dog on Matfors working dog club. He also received honorary prize for his patrol dog certification and for his show champion titles!

* Swedish Champion
* Danish Champion
* Finnish Champion
* Nordic champion

Great work Christina & Junior!

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A painting of Queenie & Dewi (Parents of Working Mates A-litter) in the latest issue of "HUNDSPORT" -Swedens biggest Dog Magasine!

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Happy Birthday to the B-litter that already have turned 2 years old!!

I want to thank all my puppy buyres for taking such good care of my little babies!

Working Mates B-litter
Working Mates Bring It On "Leva"
Working Mates Born To Brag "Inez"
Working Mates Burn Every Turn "Eve"
Working Mates Buckaroo Babe "Sheila"
Working Mates Breaking The Rules "Rejza"
Working Mates Busy Being Brave "Nixon"
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Rocky, Hugo & I on the front page of the lokal newspaper today!

The magazine did a story about hundsimmet and why it´s so good to exercise your dog by swimming.

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Working Mates Burn Every Turn "Eve" gave birth to 9 pups tonight! 7 girls and 2 boys!

I´m glad to hear that everything went good and both pups and mom are feeling great!

So happy for owner Anja Kröner Kennel Woylie´s in Germany!

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Working Mates Crash N´ Burn "Ruben" was at his first show today and became BOB puppy. The judge Really liked him and we understand why! :)

Gongratulatins to owners
Ewa Kindell & Claes Gabrielsson!

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Second day of MyDog INT. and Nixon
(Working Mates Busy Being Brave)
did it again!!

CQ, CACIB and BOB today aswell
and he is now also qualified for
CRUFT´s 2015!!

Congratulations again to Gabriella & Nixon!!

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A huge congrats to Gabriella & Nixon (Working Mates Busy Being Brave) that today got CQ, CACIB & became BOB at MyDog INT. in Göteborg! MyDog is Sweden´s 2:nd biggest show of the year!

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This year was really not at all as I had imagined and planned it ...
It started horribly... The 16:th of February Sydney died when she was hit by a car.
It took me several months before I even understod that she actually would never come back, it felt more like she was just away on holidays...
She was my everything and I think I've still not quite gotten over her death.
The strenght left me after that and the motivation to start to compete with Mania was not really there.

So instead I concentrated on the kennel. Even if we had some up and downs their aswell we got 3 beautiful litters!
Our first litter on Prazsky Krysarik, we got 2 great boys and after that I flew all the way to France with "Storma" (Working Mates Action My Attraction) and got some great matings with Woylie´s Freddy. This also gave me a nother chance to visit Paris. :)
And now our ACD D-litter just started to move into their new homes.

Prazsky Krysarik A-litter
ACD C-litter
ACD D-litter

In the summer Rocky and I competed in Agility where we did really good! I´m also very greatful for our lovely puppies that have been competing and showing throughout the year! Working Mates has this year gained
one Patrol Dog for the Armed forces (WM Another Dewil)
one Search & Rescue Dog (WM Admire My Fire)
A Swedish show champion, Nordic show Champion, BOB at the German ACD speciality and also the show title Finnish winner-13 A few also passed obedience class 1, Rally obedience and tracking (apellen). Thank you for your hard work and we wish you all the best of luck in 2014!
Working Mates Another Dewil
Working Mates Amire My Fire
Working Mates Burn Every Turn

Before the year was over, I also got the news that I have been elected to coach the National team in Freestyle & HTM. It is a huge honor and I'm really looking forward to this tough but incredibly rewarding task!

Thank You to all my friends, Family and Puppy buyers and I hope to see you all again in a even better 2014!

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