Here we have listed both our own dogs and Working Mates Puppies that are Champions or have done something out of the ordinary!

Our Dogs

JumPin Jack Flash

Jack was a star in AU and now he´s taking Europe by storm! 

NORD V -15
Read More about him on his own page!

Bo Handler´s ChaiThai at Tintavon Leo

 NO UCH,  FI CH,  DK CH NORD UCH,  NORD V- 14  NO V- 14  FI V- 14  SE V-14  

Read more about Thaison on his page!

Uriašiek Ranní Svit

Hugo is Nordic show Champion.
Very typical PK with lot of heart and will to please!

Read more about Hugo on his page!

Bushbug´s Dipsi Diver

Queenie is Nordic show Champion and KORAD.
But her best quality is that she is a natural at any kind of nosework and would have been a great search & rescue dog!

Read more about Queenie on her page!

Antonín od Katovické Hory


Rocky was a Multi Champion and Multi Winner. He´s also the first PK to compete in Agility in Sweden!

Read more about Rocky on his page!

Hejastugans Häxa

Sydney was the first ACD to compete in Agility, Freestyle & HtM in Sweden.
She also participated in
two Swedish Championships in Freestyle!

Read more about Sydney on her page!

Working Mates Puppies

Working Mates
Finders Keepers


Idun is KORAD and  Swedish Show Champion!

LD I   LD Start  RLD F  RLD N 

Read more about Idun on hes page!

Working Mates
Ever So Clever


Jack is KORAD and  Swedish Show Champion!

Competes in Obedience and tracking

Read more about Jack on his page!

Working Mates
Anything But Average


Troy is Swedens first Prazsky Krysarik to become Agility champion. 

He has also competed at the Swedish Championships.

Read more about Troy on his page!

Working Mates
Catch Me If You Can


Nacho is KORAD and Swedish Show Champion. He also competes in Rally obedience
Agility & Freestyle  HTM I  FSD I


Read more about Nacho on his page!

Working Mates
Beast In Show


Kit is our first PK from WM to become Swedish show Champion! 
But also competes in Rally Obedience,
feild tracking & agility.
Prazsky of the year - 2016

Read more about Kit on her page!

Working Mates
Don´t U Dare

Darwin is our first Obedience Champion!
He became champion at
2 ½ years of age!

Read more about him on his page!

Working Mates
Does Trick For Treat


Lee became Field Tracking Champion at the age of 10 months!
She´s also Danish & Norwegian Show Champion!

Read more about Lee on her own page!

Working Mates Admire My Fire

She became a search & rescue dog in Finland with top scores at 2 years of age!

Read more about Trillian on her own page! 

Working Mates
Another Dewil



Junior became a Patrol dog for the armed forces when he was only 2 years old. He is also our first Swedish show
Champion, Multi Champion and
      International Champion!


Read more about Junior on his page!