The pups from our ACD D -litter has started to move to their new homes. I wish them all luck in the world!
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Working Mates Does Tricks For Treats "Lee"
Working Mates Does Tricks For Treats "Lee"
Working Mates Dewil in Disguise "Cooma"
Working Mates Dancing Demon ""Max
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We have had 2 successful matings between Rocky & Saphira! Now there will be a long wait until we know if there will be any puppies... :)
More about the combination >>> HERE

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Today the D- litter got their hearing tested done (BAER) and I´m very happy to announce that they all had Bilateral hearing (normal)!

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Hugo became BOB in Finland and also got the title Finnish winner 2013!

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Working Mates Buckaroo Babe "Sheila"
was x-rayed with great results!

Hips A/A & Elbows 0/0 !

She is now the third dog in the B-litter that has got these great x-ray results!

Congratulations to owner Karin, I´m very happy for you!

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Some changes has been made on the webpage -
Take a look at "The Dogs" page!
The ACD D-litter are 1 week already, new pictures at the current litter page!

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Hugo got a CAC & became BOS in Denmark this saturday! Now he just needs one more CAC in Sweden to become Swedish & Danish Champion!

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Today (Halloween night) our ACD D - litter arrived!
We got 8 puppies but one girl didn´t make it so now the total is 7 puppies - 3 girls & 4 boys.

Mania was so great and very calm even though it was her first litter. Both puppies and Mania are feeling great!
Sorry for the poor pic. quality....

Nr: 0 - Bitch, 05.06 am, 407 g - didn´t make it..
Nr: 1 - Male, 05.21 am, 317 g - spot on right eye
Nr: 2 - Bitch, 06.07 am, 319 g - double mask & tail spot
Nr: 3 - Male, 06.29 am, 290 g - double mask - not over eyes
Nr: 4- Bitch, 07.39 am, 343 g - double mask, dot on forehead
Nr: 5 - Male, 08.20 am, 328 g - half mask & tail spot
Nr: 6 - Male, 12.50 am, 295 g - double mask (string)
Nr: 7-  Bitch, 17.45 pm, 321 g - double mask down to muzzle

Nr:1 - Male
Nr: 2 - Bitch
Nr: 3 - Male
Nr: 4 - Bitch
Nr: 5 - Male
Nr: 6 - Male
Nr: 7 - Bitch
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Have a scaaaarrry Halloween!
Here is a picture of "Rocky" Antonin od Katovické Hory & Girra Ween Kazari Toyo- Ken "Mania" though a bit remade... ;)

The original picture of Rocky playing.

Original picture of Mania

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It was Junior´s second time in "class 2" with Kicki´s doughter Jenny.
They got an score of 93 out of 100! 
So now he only needs one more score in this class to be moved up to advanced class! :)


Great work Jenny & Junior!!!

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Today Jenny Näslund (daughter to Christina Näslund - owner) competed in Rally obedience with "Junior" Working Mates Another Dewil. It was their first start together and also Junior´s first time in continuation class, class 2 (fortsättnings klass) & they got 82 points out of 100 and passed!

Great work!

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We are happy to have found such great homes to all of the pups in the C -litter!
Here´s a short presentation, and if you would like to read more and see the pups own pages with more pictures & statistics fallow this link! But it isn´t finnished quite yet...


Erika & Nacho

Erika will first of all be training "Nacho" Working Mates Catch Me If You Can in Agility.
But maybe there´s an obedience and Freestyle dog in him aswell... ;)


Ewa, Claes with family & Ruben

Ewa & Claes will have shared custody over "Ruben" Working Mates Crash N´ Burn. :)
They will try a little bit of everything with Ruben but first of all train tracking & Obedience.


Josefine Henrik, Eros & Doris

Josefine & Henrik will be taking "Doris" Working Mates Cought Ya´ Lookin´ with them to Linköping. Josefine will try a bit of everything with her!

Sophie & Svea

Sophie lives quite close to us and therefore has "Svea" Working Mates Cowculated Success
on breedingterms.
Sophie also has a Bordercollie that is now retiered from obedience, herding & Agility, so now Svea will learn from him how it should be done! ;)


Angelika & Jura

Angelika we have known for years! She is a good friend that has Kelpie from Christina Näslund (owner to "Junior" Working Mates Another Dewil from the A-litter).
Angelika will probably try a lot of
different dog sports with
"Jura" Working Mates Crime of Passion! :)

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Another BOB, CC & CACIBfor Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" at Sundsvall INT!

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Working Mates Burn Every Turn "Eve" who lives in Germany at Woylie's kennel got her X-ray results back today and got...
HD: A1/A1 & ED: 0/0 !!!
She has also done her eye check (CERF) which was clear and the PLL test was also clear!
Congratulations and thank you to Anja Kröner!

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Congratulations to Working Mates Admire My Fire "Trillian"
which today passed the subsample 2 in Finland for rescue dogs and therefore qualifies as a rescue dog!  
And she´s only just over 2 years old!
She also passed with top scores and was the only one out of 4 dogs that passed!
So proud and happy for Kalle & Hanne Tuulos that have been working very hard for this and offcourse beautiful Trillian that just loves finding people! :)

Photo: Hanne Tuulos
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Yesterday morning we found little "left eye"
(male puppie No. 1) dead in the playpen.
I had just fed them and went in to wash the bowls.
At the vet. they found that he´d been suffocated by an pinecone that he swallowed...
I have no idea where it came from (no trees nearby).
It is very tragic...

R.I.P my little baby boy.
Working Mates Craving For More
2013-08-13 - 2013-09-30
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Today Junior- WM Another Dewil was showed at INT. show Åland- Finland.
He became BOB with CAC & CACIB!
This resulted in Finnish champion and

A BIG BIG Congratulations to Kicki & Junior!

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Today we did ultrasound on Mania to see if she´s pregnant! 
The vet. could see between 5 or 6 puppies!
Now we just have to wait....
More info about the litter.

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WM Anything But Average has found a new home!
And a new name- Troy!
He will now live in Farsta- Stockholm with his owner Carro & her little mixed breed.
He will be trained to become an Agility dog!
We wish them all the luck!

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Our Prazsky Krysarik puppie
Anything But Average "Lilo"
is unfortunately back here at Working Mates.
Unfortunately, Hannes husband got really allergic to little Lilo. We feel so sorry for Hanne who became very attached to Lilo, but we are so grateful for the short time that Hanne had Lilo. He has grown in both size and mentally and become a more confident puppy with more experience.
Thank you so much Hanne!

Nemo & Lilo
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Junior - Working Mates Another Dewil got his third result in Rally obedience beginners class today. 
He has now got the title RLDN!

Great work Kicki & Junior!

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Working Mates Anything But Average "Lilo"
Has moved to his new owner Hanne & family that lives very close to us - Enköping.
They also have an Polski owczarek nizinny (PON) that they show.
These two have allredy found eachother! :)

Nemo & Lilo

Working Mates Always Awesome
has moved to his new owner Gabriella and family that are from the Czech republic! They live all the way down in Skåne - Örkelljunga. He will be living on a big farm with children, cats & chickens!

Working Mates Always Awsome

You will be able to read more about them under Litter Chronicle PK, but the page is still under construction!

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We have had an successfull mating between
"Junior" Working Mates Another Dewil &
"Mania" Girra Ween Kazari Toyo Ken!

We expect puppies with both great exterior and work capacity!

Read more about them
HERE >>>>

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We have a new top menu button - Wall of Fame!
Here we will gather all dogs from Working Mates that have become Champions or done something out of the ordinary!

We have also moved the guestbook, you can now find it under Contact.

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Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" did it again!
Today he got his third CAC and became Swedish & Danish show Champion!

Junior & Christina Näslund!

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Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" passed his test for patrol dog this weekend. And is now a working dog for the Armed Forces!

We are so proud and happy for both
Christina Näslund & Junior!
Great team work!!



A patrol dog's primary mission is to use their highly developed sence of smell and hearing to warn their handlers of persons in the detection zone.

The dog is trained to from fixed locations and also on the move detect sound in the terrain. The dog can from a very long distance hear a man that moves, and marks this to their handlers. The dog alerts in this way their handler for any intruders. In motion, the dog can detect persons who are hiding in the terrain, using his fine sense of smell to pick up and follow the trail on the ground.


The video is an example.

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Storma gave today birt to six beautiful puppies!
3 Boys & 3 Girls!
Everyone is feeling fine!
More info >>>

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Rocky competed in Agility today at Södertälje BK and placed 3:rd out of 30 dogs and got an leg in jump class 1!

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Trillian (Working Mates Admire My Fire) passed the first out of three tests in serch & rescue (this was the part in ruins). She did very good!

Proud of both Trillian; Hanne & Kalle for doing such a great job!!!

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This week we had visitors from the Czech Republic.
We had the great honor to have Emilie Kopečková with granchildren here for the first time in Sweden!
For those who don´t know who she is I can tell you that she is one of the biggest experts on Prazsky Krysarik.
She was one of the first to own one when they started the breeding. She has been breeding since then and has dedicated her life to collecting statistcs & teach others about our beautiful little breed. 
She was also the one to start the club KPPPK - Prazsky Krysarik club in Czech Republic.
She was the one that recomended us to buy Rocky and I will be forever thankfull for this!
Milena & Rocky
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Rockys son Lex Murphy Czech Mate "Primo" became BOB and got his Champion title today!!
Congrats to owner & breeder Maria Weinehall!

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2 years ago my first litter was born. We got 5 beautiful little puppies that now have grown into beautiful & smart dogs! I wish you all a happy birthday and hoping for many more to come!

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Today Storma and I drove to the vet, to do an Ultrasound.
The vet could see 4 puppies in there but it was very early!
So in the middle of august we are expecting ACD puppies!!! :)

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Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" competed in Rally obedience and got 85 points /100. They had 30 degrees in the shade but he did great! But the swiming pool after was even better! :)

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Tonight at 3.40 am Aleu got her first BIG boy - Brown & tan.
At 4.30 am. she got a second BIG boy - black & tan.
Both puppies and Aleu are feeling great!
Both boys are correct!

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Storma and I have had some great days in France!
Storma and Freddy LOVED eachother & mated 4 times!
Freddy really is a lovely dog and now we just have to keep our fingers crossed for some beautiful puppies! :)
Thank you once again to Mathieu with family for the hospitality!

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Working Mates Ants In The Pants "Nim"
has been X-rayed and got HD: A/A & ED: 0/0!!!

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This morning the little guy gave up... There was not much anyone could do.
Mother Härja is now feeling fine after a lot of distraction and playing outside.

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Today Härja (Prazsky Krysarik) gave birth to two puppies, 9 days earlier than planned.. The fist one was dead and the other one was born 6 hours later at the vet - natural birth. The veterinarian was fantastic, Big thank´s to her! The little puppie, a beautiful black and tan boy is very small and we still don´t know if he will survive...
Härja is feeling great! She was a real truper at the vet and is taking such good care of her little boy!

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Working Mates Busy Being Brave- Nixon competed in obedience class 1 for the first time today and came in second place with 176 pionts.
He is now in class 2!
Great work Gabriella & Nixon!!!

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Storma-  Working Mates Action My Attraction
did her eye check today and was all clear! Woho! :)

Storma & her "sister" Zoey
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Working Mates Busy Being Brave "Nixon"
Has today done the character test called MH, 15 months old & did great!
Also he is not guns shot shy! (1:a på skott).
Congratulations to owner Gabriella!

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Working Mates Absolutely Spot On
Has done the character test called MH and is not gun shy eather!
(1:a på skott)
She also did her debute in Agility- no result this time but I´m sore she will do great later on!!

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Rockys second run in Agility class 2, got an leg and
came in 2:nd place out of 20 dogs. :)

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Nixon- Working Mates Busy Being Brave
was in Denmark today and
became BOS!
He also got a Danish CAC & his first CACIB!
And also qualified to CRUFT´S 2014!

Congratulations to both Nixon & Gabriella!

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Working Mates Action My Attraction - "Storma" passed the youth character test called MH today with excellent results!
Now we have it on paper that she´s not afraid of gun shots... :)
(1:a på skott)

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Rocky & I competed in Agility today, our first run this year. We came in 4:th place out of 47 dogs & we also got our 3:rd leg and are now in class 2! We also got todays special prize for the nicest run!

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The worlds most wonderful cat has left us...
He was only 7 years...
We found him on the other side of the road, he was killed by a car...
Elvis was more like a dog than a cat, he liked to be scrached on his belly and was NEVER angry. But he was a cat when it came to catching mice and rats!
We will miss him....
You can read more about Elvis here >>>>

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Working Mates Burn Every Turn "Eve"
Became clubwinner/ BIS at the Club Show in Freiburg, Germany!
Congratulations to Anja & Eve!!!

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Today we got a great mating between Rocky and Härja!
So hopefully we will get puppies in the middle of june!
For more info see planned litter PK >>>>

Here is a video clip of Rocky & Härja just after the mating.
OBS!!! Turn on the sound for this one! :)

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