LP1 X- Kayos Bozz "GIZMO"

Gizmo was born in Ludvika, Sweden. He was the biggest and strongest out of 10 puppies (5 males och 5 bitches). Gizmo was actually purchased by my partner- Mats, but then the whole family shared him.

As a puppy Gizmo was very convenient, followed us wherever we went, just like a puppy shuld be...

But then came puberty... Gizmo has always been fastidious, not only in terms of food but also his water... Sometimes it was necessary to change the water every hour otherwise he would scratch the bowl until it was overturned. Until Gizmo got an new idea how to get fresh water faster!

At the moment me and Mats lived in a very small apartment (28 square meters) in Hässelby gård- Stockholm. I was away in Thailand as a volunteer, saving Gibbons and Mats was home alone whit Gizmo.

When Mats one day came home from work he hears that someone is taking a shower in our apartment?! He opens the door and steps in aprox. 3 cm of water, a very wet Gizmo is sitting in the leather sofa and seems incredibly proud of himself...

Gizmo has in other words: First overturned his water dish that only contained nasty old water- according to him... And then gone to the bathroom and opened the door (that opens outwords). Then opened the shower cabin (that only was to push on to open) turned on the shower tap (which was also very simple to turn on, just a handle to push up whit his nose). And swish! you had a lot of fresh water!

But Gizmo wasn´t satisfied... Then he fetched a lot of newspapers from the livingroom table and placed them in the shower cabin and blocked the pipe... (even more fun! thought Gizmo, MORE WATER!!!) But he wasn´t finished... Then he took all the shampoo bottles and chew them open, so now there wasn´t just water everywhere, it became a bubblebath!!! This amused Gizmo 2 more times until we got tired of him and blocked the door whit an chest of drawers every time he was home alone...

Exept for this he´s was a wonderful german shepherd! For example, he never in his life made charges against any other dog. He loved small dogs whatever breed or gender! He didn't hunt wild animals, except for birds when he thought nobody was wathing... :)
You could have him without a leash wherever we went, he was very cool/confident and calm (has it´s advantages and disadvantages). And last but not least, I could always feel safe when he was around. He was very good at pretending to look dangerous, nobody had to know that he´s actually a was a big teddy bear... ;)

Gizmo competed in both agility and obedience but at the age of 4 he had to retire do to very bad hips. After that he just stayed at home as a guard dog. He could open any door and came and went as he pleased... :)

Gizmo was also one of the first blood donors at Bagarmossens animal hospital and got interviewd by the newspaper metro.

 D.O.B. 2002-05-12
R.I.P. 2012.06.27

His favorite hobby was to watch the site and chasing flies in the garden.
In the winter he loved catching snowballs and roll around in the snow.
He was a very good guard dog!