2016 > 05

Today Nacho - WM Catch Me If You Can 
competed in Heelwork to Music beginers class and got his 3:rd result and also the title HtM 1!

Congrats to owner Erika Andersson!

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Today Storma competed in Rally begginers class. She did 2 rounds and got 97/100 points the first round and 99/100 the second round! And came in first place! 
She now got the title RLD N!

Congrats to Storma and owner Anna Stridh!

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Today was Storma´s - WM Action My Attraction
first time competing in Rally.
She got 77 points and came in 7:th place out of 28 dogs!
Big congrats to Anna Stridh!

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Jack - WM Ever So Clever
did his Herding Instict Test today and did really good! 
Great work Jack & Anna!

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SEVCH DKUCH Working Mates Does Trick for Treat "Lee" showed herself to second best bitch with CAC and Danish champion! She got the comment "fit like a devil and moves like an angel.

Big congrats to owner/handler Tina Gavling!

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