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KIT- Working Mates Beast In Show became BOB at Västerås NAT. today and got her 3rd CAC!

Congrats to owner Angelica Andersson!

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Today Svea (Working Mates cowculated Success) passed the character test called MH, not gon shot shy. (2:a på skott)

Congrats to owner Sophie Schwarz!!

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Today "Ruben" Working Mates Crash N´ Burn did the character test called MH and did great! Not gon shot shy (1:a på skott)

Congrats to owner Ewa & Claes Kindell!!

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Troy- Working Mates Anything But Average competed in Agility today and in the Agility class he won with over 4 seconds! And in jump class he came in second place!

Great work and a Huge Congrats to owner
Carro Cajback!

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Working Mates Ever So Clever "Jack" has now moved to his new home. He will live with Anna Ivaska in Uppsala. 
You can fallow them in their adventures on their blog! 

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Did an ultrasound on Mania today and got the great news that she is pregnant!!! :D 
We could only see 3 puppies but it´s quite early, so there could be more of them in there! :)

Now we just have to wait until middle of may to see
what´s hiding in there! ;)

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Myran (Working Mates Dingos R so Yesterday) completed her last Rally obedience test in class 2 and has now got the titles RLD N & RLD F!
She will now compete in the highest class. 

Congrats to Linda Helin!!

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Today Working Mates Dont U Dare "Darwin" and Working Mates Does Trick for Treat "Lee" passed the character test called MH with great results!
Both got best grade on the shot test! 
(1:a på skott)

Congrats to both owners Tina Gavling & Linda Hafstrand!

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Today "Doris" (Working Mates Caught Ya´ Lookin´) passed the BH- test at Söderköping BK!
Great work Josefine & Doris!!

(this test is the first step to compete in IPO)

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Got back Stormas PLL result and she tested
"clear/normal" ! 
I tested her because Cody (father of the E-litter) is clear and therefore now all puppies are also clear! :)

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"Doris" Working Mates Cought Ya´ Lookin´ debutated in Obedience today and came at second place with 163,5 points even though she got 0 points in one episode. She is now approved to enter obedience class 2!

Huge congrats to owner Josefine Haag!!!

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 3 ACD's from Working Mates entered  at Sthlm's INT Easter show.

"Ruben" (Crash N' Burn) 2nd best male with CACIB and res. CAC.

"Nacho" (Catch Me If You Can) 3rd best male with res. CACIB.

"Rizla" (Absolutely Spot On) CAC, CACIB, BOS & the new title Swedish Winner 2015!!

Big congrats to owners Rebecka & Arnout, Ewa & Claes and Erika!
Thank you for coming!

"Nacho" - Working Mates Catch Me If You Can
"Ruben" - Working Mates Crash N´Burn
"Rizla" Working Mates Absolutely Spot On
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Today Thaison was showed at Sthlm INT. Easter show. He got CAC, CACIB became BOB and got the title Swedish Winner 2015. And because he just turned 2 years he also became Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Nordic show champion!

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Today we did the BAER test with the E-litter and we are happy to announce that all have bilateral hearing! :)

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