2013 > 02

Rejza (Working Mates Breaking The Rules) became BOB with her first CAC in Norway (Bö) since her owner Jonna moved there. :)

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The most tragic and unreal has happened ... Sydney ran out from the house and for some reason she ran across the road. She was hit by a car that did not stop but was later discovered by two other kind souls who went from house to house to find the owner.
Sydney was ruched to the vet but had nerve damage in her back and could not move her hind legs and internal bleeding. She was put to sleep a few hours later.
It is completely unreal how life can change so drastically in just a few seconds... She will always be in our hearts and we who knew this amazing girl will never forget how special she was!

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Mania did her eye check today (CERF) and she was all clear!! So now she has all her testing done and will hopefully be in heat in march! :)

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