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Today I x-rayed Storma, it was a bit early but I couldn´t wait any longer... ;) We couldn´t see exactly how many puppies are in there but we saw a few. :) 

We hope for a lot of healthy and beautiful pups in a couple of weeks! 

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Today Nacho - Working Mates Catch Me If You Can competed in Rally Obedience where he the first round got 73p and at his second try he got 96p out of 100! He now has the title RLDN!
(passed Rally class 1)

Great work and Congrats to owner Erika Anderson & Nacho!

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Today Working Mates Does Trick For Treats "Lee" (26 moths of age) was showed at one of Swedens biggest shows, My Dog.
She became BOB with CAC and qualified to CRUFT´s 2016!


Huge congrats to owner Tina Gavling & Lee!!!

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Working Mates Dingos R So Yesterday "Myran" competed in Rally obedience for the first time today and won her first class (98p) and  came in 5th place her second round (88p) at Husdjursmässan, Kista. 

Big congrats to owner Linda Helin and Myran! 

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