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We have had an successfull mating between
"Junior" Working Mates Another Dewil &
"Mania" Girra Ween Kazari Toyo Ken!

We expect puppies with both great exterior and work capacity!

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We have a new top menu button - Wall of Fame!
Here we will gather all dogs from Working Mates that have become Champions or done something out of the ordinary!

We have also moved the guestbook, you can now find it under Contact.

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Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" did it again!
Today he got his third CAC and became Swedish & Danish show Champion!

Junior & Christina Näslund!

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Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" passed his test for patrol dog this weekend. And is now a working dog for the Armed Forces!

We are so proud and happy for both
Christina Näslund & Junior!
Great team work!!



A patrol dog's primary mission is to use their highly developed sence of smell and hearing to warn their handlers of persons in the detection zone.

The dog is trained to from fixed locations and also on the move detect sound in the terrain. The dog can from a very long distance hear a man that moves, and marks this to their handlers. The dog alerts in this way their handler for any intruders. In motion, the dog can detect persons who are hiding in the terrain, using his fine sense of smell to pick up and follow the trail on the ground.


The video is an example.

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Storma gave today birt to six beautiful puppies!
3 Boys & 3 Girls!
Everyone is feeling fine!
More info >>>

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Rocky competed in Agility today at Södertälje BK and placed 3:rd out of 30 dogs and got an leg in jump class 1!

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Trillian (Working Mates Admire My Fire) passed the first out of three tests in serch & rescue (this was the part in ruins). She did very good!

Proud of both Trillian; Hanne & Kalle for doing such a great job!!!

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