Another great year has past and it has been an eventful one! :)

* We started the year with the birt of the B-litter, a great and beautiful litter! Thatwe will see more of in 2013!
* Sydney & I competed in Freestyle once this year and got our 2:nd CAC!
* Both Sydney & Mania have been on herding courses this spring & Mania also passed the herding instict test.
* 3 new family members arrived from Prague! "Saphira", "Hugo" & "Aleu"! :)
* Sydney moved up to the next class in Rally obedience.
* Queenie also did some Rally before I took the difficult decision of relocating her.
* Sydney & Rocky also did some competing in Agility with some great results and if I remember correctly they both got an leg in jump class & a lot of "just so damn close"! ;)
* Mania passed MH. (caracter test)
* "Bella" - Rocky´s sister came to live with us.
* Pups from both the A & B litter have been showed and totally got over 15 CAC in Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Norway. "Nixon" (B-litter) also got Norwegian Junior Winner, Swedish Junior Winner & Swedish Winner title. "Junior" (A-litter) & "Mania" got the Nordic Winner titles in Denmark.
* Storma- Working Mates Action My Attraction was
X-rayed - HD: A/A & ED 0/0!
* We had our first kennel camp with both herding test (all the pups from the A-litter were tested & passed!), tracking & IPO training!
* Hugo became BOB (out of 30 PK´s) at Swedens Biggest show at his first official show! Rocky was 2:nd best male!

Thank you to all my friends and puppy buyers for making this to such a great year! Now we look forward to an even better 2013!! :)



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