C - litter
D.O.B. 2013-08-14


Working Mates Action My Attraction
Woylie´s Freddy

The combination...

                                         Nacho                 Ruben              Doris                 Svea                   Jura

    Craving For More         Catch Me If You Can        Crash N´ Burn        Cought Ya´ Lookin´      Cowculated Success       Crime of Passion

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Weight chart

Puppie Born 1 w 2 w 3 w 4 w 5 w 6 w 7 w 8 w
Nr: 1 396g 675g 965g 1262g 1665g 2359g 3235g    
Nacho 308g 589g 854g 1179g 1560g 2320g 3255g 4387g 4982g
Ruben 386g 707g 1032g 1325g 1745g 2486g 3297g 4322g 4980g
Doris 426g  837g 1180g 1520g 1930g 2857g 3745g 4363g 5042g
Svea 381g 720g 1040g 1308g 1661g 2275g 3178g 4021g 4622g
Jura 372g 693g 957g 1212g 1529g  2375g 3222g 3996g  4673g

HERDING TEST - 7 weeks (0 < 5)

Puppie eye Intensity Heeling  Round up
Nacho 0 Very good - 4 No yes - 3
Ruben 0 Good- 3,5 No No - 0
Doris 3 Excellent - 5 No  yes - 4,5
Svea 3 Very good - 4 No yes - 4
Jura    1             Very good - 4       No        No - 0


C -litter PRA HD ED BAER/Hearing Dentition Bite CERF Other
Nr: 1 A R.I.P. 7 weeks - accident
Nacho A C   Bilateral Hearing Full Scissor    
Ruben A A/A 0/0 Bilateral Hearing Full Scissor    
Doris A A/A 0/0 Bilateral Hearing Full Scissor    
Svea A B/B 0/0 Bilateral Hearing Full Scissor    
Jura A     Unilateral Hearing Full  Scissor    


C -litter Herding Bruks Obedience Agility Freestyle Rally Servicedog & Other Show
Nacho       Class 1 In training RLN    
Ruben H.I.T   In training         1 x CACIB
Doris H.I.T Tracking in training Class 1       IPO in training  
Svea H.I.T   In training In training        
Jura     In training   In training  In training