Hejastugans Häxa

I have always wanted a herding breed but I was tired of everyone just acquiring Border Collies . I like standing out from the crowd, so I read about the breed, cattledog. They seemed to fit my personality and I like challenges! Plus they are much better looking!

The problem was that I wanted to work with my dog and I had never seen a cattledog in action. It's hard to judge a dog just by watching them in a show ring. So I checked out some of the swedish breeders and visited 3 of them. Third time's a charm, they say! There I found a male (Sydneys father, Bosse) who was very handsome, very pleasant, happy and much action! He had carisma that I never will forget!

Sydneys mother (Flamma/Flame) wasn't so bad herself! You could see that spark in her gaze and she was equally as beautiful as my Sydney!

Sydney was extremely cute as a puppy and I fell in love with her immediately!

Don't now how many times people came up to me and "warned" me about the breed. (they are mean to both people and other dogs, stubborn, too strong and clumsy to be an agility dog etc...

Sydney was none of these things! instead she was: A little bit crazy (just how I like it!), Extremely easy to train, extremely responsive, very fast and lithe, never made charges at any other dogs, people she considered friendly - she had no problem with, didn´t hunt any wild animals, loved to cuddle and last but not least she loved to EAT! The latter has it's advantages and disadvantages... She was easy to train this way but if you left something eatable that she could reach, then that's my problem according to Sydney...

Except for the stealing of anything "eatable" I can not really say that I've had any major problems whit her during her growing up!
Of course I understand that all cattle dogs are not like Sydney but this is how I think a cattledog should be! Of couse Sydney had her flaws (no dog is perfect!), but overall I wouldn´t have wanted to change a thing about her!

Sydney and I liked to try new things; that's why we are engaged in many different dog sports. In addition to exhibitions (which in my view doesn´t really count) we trained /competed in:
Agility, Freestyle, Obedience, Rally- obedience, Search, and above all, Herding!

Sydney was a natural heeler but I still have a lot to learn!

We also participated in the Swedish championship in freestyle 2010!

DOB: 23-01-2006
RIP: 16-02-2013

Sydney was my first cattle dog.
She had a very special place in my heart even if she was a bit crazy.

Sydney and I participated at the Swedish championship in Freestyle 2010, we had only been training one year and placed 8 out of 21 competitors.