Cheri came to us 12 weeks old and she was afraid of everything. 
My brother had found her in the yellow pages and she was deliverd in a cardboard box all the way from Skåne.
The first thing she did was to pee on the livingroom carpet and we felt so sorry for her. We fell in love with her emediatly!

Cheri was my first real dog and I had no idéa what to expect...
At 13 weeks of age she run away from me the moment I let her of the leash and barked at both people and other dogs.

In the spring of 1997 we decided to start a puppie class with her. It was there I met Maggan (she was the instructor), she has helpt me more then I could ever wish for! 
We are still friends but I miss having her around since she moved to Linköping.

Cheri was very insecure and wild as a puppie, she had to be on a leash until she turned 4 years since she had a tendency to run after roller skaters and bite them in the skates so they would fall over... 

Cheri and I competed in Agility and she was quite good at it too, when she stoped barking at everyone and understod that it was fun!
It´s a pity that i never started in tracking with her because she was a natural!

We also did som obedience and got our diploma in class one. 

D.O.B: 1996-12-16 

R.I.P: 2008-06-17

My first dog,
she made me cry and she made me laugh.

I have learned so much from her, All other dogs are saints compared to her but I wouldn´t want it any other way!

She was my teacher and best friend.