Antonin od Katovicke Hory

Born: 2006-06-03
Rocky was a VERY special dog, I will probably never have such a great little guy again! He loved all dogs and people and had no fear what so ever!
His fetish was balls and squeaky toys and he was a great Agility dog!

Rocky came to us when he was 3 years, before that he lived with my brother. He didn´t have any problems to adjust in his new home with the rest of the pack, the kids or the cat!

He was a very lovely little dog that loved to train and play. He was like a big dog trapped in a small dogs body!
When he came to us we started to train in agility and just after 3 months he won his first competition!
We also trained a bit of K9- freestyle and Rockys latest trick was to do hand stands!

But Rocky wasn´t just smart he´s also is a very handsome boy! In just 4 shows he became Swedish show champion and after that the titles just kept on coming.

Here is a video from a national show in Sweden where Rocky was shortlisted, the first and only PK in Sweden to be this close of being placed in the group!

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Weight: 3,5 kg
Hight: 26cm (10,2 inc)
Fully dented, Scissor bite
Correct coat and colour
Patela 0/0
Very nice temperament & movement!
Very typical head and expression!
Good body construction, nicely strong in bone but a bit high.

Czech, Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish
show Champion

Norwegian, Nordic, Finnish & Helsinki

Competes in Agility with good results.