KORAD, NORD UCH, NO V-10 Bushbug´s Dipsi Diver "QUEENIE"

As a pup Queenie was totally crazy! (and I thought Sydney was crazy as a puppy...) She was pretty stubborn that little dog, always trying the boundarys...

But with time even Queenie became an excellent dog!

She loves everything and everyone! I have never met a nicer Cattle dog!
She really loves to cuddle and play. She has an excellent temperament and is a tough little girl that isn't afraid of anything!

Queenie loves to train in different sports as Agility, Freestyle, Obedience, tracking, Herding but most of all she loves to search for people! Thats why I started to train her to become a rescue dog. She has passed the first test but it takes a lot of time that I really didn't have plus that I wanted to mate her, this way hopefully we can get new "Queenies" one day that are ecually good rescue dogs!

She has also done very good at dog shows even though she lack in density. She has everything in the right place just that she needs more bone. She has exellent movements and loves to show of in the ring!
In 2010 she also became Norwegian Winner-10!

After Queenies scond litter there where some problems with getting along with "Mania"- those two just couldn´t get along, so I decided to replace Queenie.
She now lives in Skåne Sweden with a friend of mine and just enyoing life!

Born: 2008-04-23

Queenie loves to swim! She gets crazy just beíng close to a pond.

She is a very agile dog and she is a master of jumping high strait up in the air.

She has a talent for nose work! And would have been a exellent rescue dog!