F - Litter
D.O.B. 2015.05.20

NORD V - 12   SE V - 12
Girra Ween Kazari Toyo- Ken

Iznogood Golden Primrock 

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  Full Of Bull      Fuel For Life      Feel The Force    Front Page News   Finders Keepers     Fits Me Perfect    Forget Me Not   Face The Fears

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HERDING TEST - 7 ½ weeks (0 < 5)

Puppy Eye Intensity Heeling Round up
Full Of Bull 2 3 0 0
Fuel For Life 0 2 0 2
Feel The Force 4 5 3 4
Front Page News 2 3 0 0
Finders Keepers 2 3 0 0
Fits Me Perfect 4 4 0 0
Forget Me Not 5 4 0 0
Face The Fears 4 3 0 0

Health Chart

F -litter PRA HD ED BAER/Hearing Dentition Bite CERF PLL Other
Full Of Bull A     Bilateral       Clear Testicals ok
Fuel For Life A     Bilateral       Clear Testicals ok
Feel The Force A     Bilateral       Clear Testicals ok
Front Page News A     Bilateral       Clear  
Finders Keepers A     Bilateral       Clear  
Fits Me Perfect A     Bilateral       Clear  
Forget Me Not A     Bilateral       Clear  
Face The Fears A     Unilateral       Clear  


Competition /Test

F-litter Herding     Bruks      Obedience    Agility    Freestyle   Rally   Service dog & other   IPO  Other
 Full Of Bull                  
 Fuel For Life                  
 Feel The Force                  
Front Page News                  
 Finders Keepers                  
 Fits Me Perfect                  
 Forget Me Not                  
 Face The Fears