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Bo Handler´s ChaiThai at Tintavon Leo

D.O.B. 2013-01-02

Thaison (Tyson) was imported from Thailand at the age of 15 months.
(March- 2014)
He is co - owned with Göran Stanton

Since 1994, when my brother that had just been to Thailand on vacation told me about these beautiful dogs, I have been longing for a TRD!
I have read almost everything there is to read about them and when I finally for the first time visited Thailand in 2003, I contacted some breeders to look at the dogs. At that time the dogs needed to be in quarantine when coming to Sweden which costed a lot of money that I really didn´t have at that time as a student... So my dream had to wait for a bit longer....

My dear friend Maria Weinehall knew about my TRD desire, she helped me to persuade Paul Stanton that I was the right person for a TRD! :)
And thanks to Paul Stanton, that through his contacts in Thailand was able to search after a great TRD male, destiny led him to Thaison...
And now, exactly 20 years later I have "my own" Thai Champion that is even more beautiful than I could ever imagine!
There is a lot of people that helped to make this happen and I thank you with all of my heart!

Thaison is a very loving dog! Just after one day it felt like we had known each other for years! He loves to play and is a bit of a clown sometimes. :)
He has no problems with kids and has a very stable character.
We are taking things slow and are working on the everyday things that will make our life together even better. :)