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Girra Ween Kazari Toyo- Ken

D.O.B. 2010-03-30
Mania has a wonderful trot, she looks like a little pony in the heelwork position!
She's a natural at catching freesbies, jumping high into the air.
In 2011 we participated at World Dog Show in Paris and Mania became 2:nd best bitch in youth class! In 2014 she won the open class at WDS in Helsinki!
She is all I ever wanted in a Cattledog!

I waited a long time to get this girl! I have a good contact with a Czech breeder KAZARI TOYO- KEN they have a beautiful bitch, Manias mom! She became World Winner BOB in 2009 and was mated with an Australian import Heelersridge Emublu King who also became World Winner BOS in 09 and BOB 2010!

When I heard that they were planning to mate these two I immediately called them and reserved a bitch. I was number 3 in line, after both breeders.

Unfortunatly, only 2 bitches were born and both of the breeders wanted their cut... so I stood without a puppy...
Until Eva (Kennel Kazari) called me up and said that she felt sorry for me and wanted me to have her pup! One of the reasons was that Mania is alot like her mom (or was as a puppy) and she felt that she didn´t need a copy. The other reason was that she knows that I would work with her and that she would have a good life here in Sweden!

I immediately booked a ticket to Prague and sent all the necessary papers. Once there, I fell in love with this marvellous little puppy! All of the pups were very similar, good looking and had nice temperaments. And I had the pleasure of meeting Manias mom, grandma, grandad and uncle once again and they where just as nice as when I last saw them!
It maybe sounds like I bought her just for her looks but that's NOT the case! =)
Manias Grandma "Shine"- Ruselrun Mystic Shimmering Light has great herding capacity, you can see it in everything she does. She has an "eye" that I have never before seen in a cattledog before and it looks like Mania inherited that ability! =)

Mania is a wonderful dog! She was the easiest puppy I have ever owned! She moves like an angel, always listens, is very social and not afraid of anything, in other words she is PERFECT!  She is trained in obedience, HTM, Freestyle, Agility & Herding!