Red Alert's Dewi
2002 - 2011

Dewi was a wonderful Cattle Dog!
He had e great personality and touched everyones heart.

He was a great Patrol dog, one of the best in his company! But he also had a great herding instict.
He always new that he was best and therefore didn't need to assert himself. Read more about him in ACD Spotlight!
He will always be remembered.


* Swedish show Champion
* Norwegian show Champion
* Finnish show Champion
* Nordic show Champion
* Estonia show Champion
* C.I.B / International show Champion
* Estonia Winner- 10
* NordJV / Nordic Junior Winner- 03

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* Herding test: 4,67p
* SM (Swedish Championship) for Patrol dogs
2008-2010, best result 10:th place!
* DM (District Championship) for Patrol dogs
2008-2009 placed first! 2:nd in 2010!
* Competed in higher class search, tracking & watch.
* Obedience class II.