Kennel Camp 26 - 27 September 2015

Christina & Junior,   Anna & Nim,   Anna & Storma,   Angelica & Kit,   Sophie & Svea,   Josefine & Doris,   Angelika & Jura,   Linda & Myran,  Emira & Lizzy,   Julia & Express,   Anna & Jack,   Lars + Carina & Rusty,   Marloes & Idun,   Agnes & Minna,   Renata & Jack + Mania



Everyone drove 5 minutes from my home to Uppsala Nosework Club for an intruduction in Nosework. Everyone was super good at this!
It´s a great sport that you can do with both puppies and grown experienced dogs!

Obedience, Agility and just having fun!

We had both Agility and obedience training, adapted for age and experience, so that both puppies and those who already compete could get something out of the training. 

And also time for a lot of play and picture taking. 
We also had a relay race just for fun and I don´t think
I´ve laught so much in a long time! 

I want to thank everyone for coming and making this a super weekend!