Kennel Activities 2012

The first meeting this year was in may when the A- litter was showed at Österbybruk NAT. & Vallentuna INT. and also in breeders group. It was 2 very hot days but the dogs where great!

Saturday -"Rizla" WM- Absolutely Spot On became Best bitch & BOS. "Junior" WM- Another Dewil became BOB and was also shortlisted and almost placed in the group 10 months of age!
All the others got Excellent with CK.

Sunday we left for Vallentuna- Stockholm.
"Storma", WM- Action My Attraction became BOS & a champion male became best male over Junior & BOB.

Kennel Camp 26-28 october

From the left: Christina & Junior, Hanne & Trillian, Anna & Nim, Arnout & Rizla, Gabriella & Nixon, Annika & Inez.

3 days of fun at the kennel camp - 2012!

morning we all gathered to have a lesson in massage & stretching with Jenny Jurnelius.
And then a photo session & playtime for the dogs.
After that I held a lesson in show handling.

Saturday and we where supposed to leave for MH- Youth mental test, but unfortunately it was canceled.
Instead we stayed at my place and did some training with all the dogs.
Emelie had a lesson in IPO, and all the dogs where great and had so much fun!
After lunch we did some tracking, some where beginners and others had done this before. My Mania supprised me, she was great!

morning we all left for Ekerö- Stockholm for a herding instinct test.
All dogs passed the test and had so much fun doing it!

To the left we have Junior and under you can see the rest of the pictures from the herdintest.

                                          We also had some Working Mates prices!

This year's Competition dog: "Junior" Working Mates Another Dewil & owner Christina.
This year's All-rounder: "Trillian" Working Mates Admire My Fire & owners Hanne & Kalle
This year's Heart: "Nim" Working Mates Ants In The Pants & owner Anna.
This year's Starter: "Nixon" Working Mates Busy Being Brave & owner Gabriella.
This year's Show dog: "Storma" Working Mates Action My Attraction & handler Emelie.
This year's Hard Worker: "Rizla" Working Mates Absolutely Spot On & owners Arnout & Rebecka.

Thank you all for coming and for taking such good care of my puppies!